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Built in 1785, The Van Schaack House Bed & Breakfast (reputed to be the first law school in New York State) has retained the beauty and elegance of its time — much like the quaint countryside town of Kinderhoook, NY where the mansion stands. Located among the unspoiled landscape of Columbia County between Hudson (we're minutes away from numerous antiques shoppes) and Albany (theatre, ballet, pro and college sports and the city's active nightlife), The Van Schaack House Inn has entertained many distinguished guests over time. John Jay, Gouverneur Morris, Judge Benson, Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, Washington Irving and others have all at one time or another enjoyed the comforts this grand mansion provides. READ MORE


The Van Schaack House Bed & Breakfast offers four elegant accomodations for those visiting the Hudson River Valley of New York. Guests will be greeted by antique furnishings and beautifully landscaped grounds, a library and sitting rooms. Enjoy a breakfast on us at one of the quaint local restaurants. The Van Schaack House B & B is within easy driving distance of Tanglewood, Rhinebeck and Saratoga. Come and visit the Hudson Valley, Columbia County, and Kinderhook, New York, and step back in time at the Van Schaack House. READ MORE

John Jay Bedroom
John Jay Bedroom

The John Jay Room is named after the Supreme Court Chief Justice who befriended Peter Van Schaack at Kings College (later known as Columbia University). Jay was one of several great legal minds who found themselves cast together on campus in 1762. Jay's friendship with Van Schaack stayed in tact during Van Schaack exile to England. Jay was instrumental in paving the way for Van Schaack's return to the United States and Kinderhook - greeting his ship upon arrival.The spacious room has a private bath and direct access to the upstairs porch.

Martin Van Buren Bedroom
Martin Van Buren Bedroom

Named after our Country's eighth President. Van Schaack ? whose leadership was sought on New York's first organized body opposing Britain's policies towards the Colonies - would be proud that a room of such stature bears the name of Kinderhook's most famous favorite son.This front room with a beautiful view has a private bath and direct access to the upstairs porch.

Sarah Roosevelt Bedroom
Sarah Roosevelt Bedroom

The Sarah Roosevelt Room is named after Peter Van Schaack's sister who married into the Roosevelt Family. She was the Great Grandmother of President Theodore Roosevelt.The pastel decor and four-poster bed would be considered proper lodging for a woman who walked among the elite of her time. The front facing view allows a look at the grounds and garden.This room also has a large private bath.

Judge Benson Bedroom
Judge Benson Bedroom

The Judge Benson Room is named after Egbert Benson, Peter Van Schaack's long-time friend and part of the incredibly talented class that walked the campus of King's College in the 1760's. Benson's social and traveling inclinations brought him to Kinderhook several times a year, so much so that Van Schaack actually named a room in the house for him. The two went from Kinderhook to Belford in 1818 driving the Judge's one-horse wagon to visit their mutual friend John Jay. They were all upwards of 70 years old at the time.The room also has a large private bath.

The Dining Room
The Dining Room

While there are many small rooms and hidden spots to enjoy a snack, the dining room is equipt for the most elegant of occassions. Seated at this table has been some of our Country?s most famous patriots.

Upstairs Porch

The Upstairs Porch is accessible from both the John Jay and Martin Van Buren rooms. Its exotic collection of antiques and artifacts are alone worth the time spent here. Add the convenience of the proximity to your room and a setting highlighted by the sunshine peering through the 18th Century-styled windows and one may give thought to rarely leaving your quarters.

Sitting Room
The Sitting Room

Large and plush. After dinner drinks, meetings or just quiet time are all worthy activities in the mansion's largest room. Filled with beautiful art, antique furniture and with a view of the garden ? the same view shared by historic figures like Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Washington Irving and the litany of great legal minds befriended by Van Schaack

Downstairs Porch

The screened-in venue offers a great view and comfortable setting ? particularly in the Spring and Fall. Serves as a wonderful breakfast knook when enjoying fresh croissants, coffee and juice. When not partaking in something from the kitchen, this sunroom is a great spot to read, work or simply hear tale about the origins of some of the d?cor.

The Library

A small, but insightful collection of books is available to guests who might like to relax in one of the many small knooks within the mansion and enjoy a good read.

Rates & Policies

Method of Payment

The Van Schaack House accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Room     Cost Per Night
John Jay     $210
Martin Van Buren     $210
Sarah Roosevelt     $190
Judge Benson     $150

Reservations require a minimum 2-night stay on the weekends.
Reservations require a minimum 3-night stay on holiday weekends.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellations made 14 days in advance will receive a full refund. Cancellations made inside the 14-day window will receive a credit for future use.

Arrival / Departures

  • Check-in: 3 pm
  • Check-out: 12 noon


  • No children under 12
  • No pets
  • No smoking

  • Chef's Corner

    Coupons for breakfast will be provided for one of the local restaurants within walking distance of the Van Schaack House so you may enjoy the small town charm of Kinderhook, New York

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20 Broad St, Kinderhook, NYThe Peter Van Schaack House is located at 20 Broad St., Kinderhook, NY 12106.

The Innkeeper's preferred route from New York City:
Take the West Side Highway or the FDR to the Saw Mill Parkway (North). Get on the Taconic State Parkway (North). Exit Columbia County Rt. 82. Travel approximately 5 miles (West), make right onto 9H (North). Travel approximately 20 miles on 9H, passing Lindenwald, the former estate of our eighth President, Martin Van Buren. Exit to your right, off 9H, at the Kinderhook sign. Make right at stop sign, travel under highway, cross small bridge. Proceed to traffic light. Make a left. The Van Schaack House is approximately 1/4 mile ahead on the right (20 Broad St.).

For your convenience, here are directions from other locales:

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Culture In The Country

Enjoy the many splendid cultural events surrounding the Van Schaack House in Columbia County, The Hudson Valley, The Bershires and Capital District of New York READ MORE


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